Fixed OGI - Flames cameras turnkey solutions


Full turnkey

Thanks to partnerships with well known companies we can supply full turnkey solutions to comply with your requirements including:


Solar power solution

Our Solar panel solution includes the solar panels, power regulator, POE switch, batteries and control cabinet.
Multiples options are available depending on the required power and the location of the system.


Wireless data transmission

For our wireless solution we take security seriously. Our system includes:
Military grade encryption algorithm,
Possibility to tune our system to a very specific wavelength given by local government license,
Narrow width transmission channel as point to point, to avoid a widespread signal transmission,
Self healing mesh network.

Signal will be transmitted from the cameras to the control room, but also to the rescue vehicles equipped with antenna and screen, as long as they are in our wireless network coverage area.


Fully mobile detection solution

Our cameras solution can be installed on a truck to bring gas detection even in the most remote locations: pipeline, unmanned compression stations, maintenance location monitoring…
This solution reduces drastically the camera set up time when it needs to be moved often from location to location.