Oil spill detection​


Oil spill detection
on water



Specifically designed for real time detection of oil spills on water and ground surfaces in continuous automatic mode.
It detects the specific fluorescence of oil caused by its exposure to certain UV light emissions, while not reacting to other materials that may appear in the observation area, in order to reduce false alarms.

• Optical UV fluorescence, calibrated to detect oil products only, no false alarm

• 10 μm thick oil spill contactless detection up to 10 m

• Very compact, lightweight and remote set up for easy installation

• Works with rainwater, condensation, or sea water

• Automatic self-diagnostic for 24/7/365 operation

• Maintenance free and low operational cost (UV light to be changed every 5 years max)

• IP68 – Atex enclosure available –

• Operates as standalone or networked units. To monitor multiple OilViewer and locate more precisely the origin of an alarm, we propose our Multiple OilViewer Monitoring Software (MOMS)