Gas detection services


“Emissions reductions from implementing an LDAR program potentially reduce product losses, increase safety for workers and operators, decrease exposure of the surrounding community, ease maintenance planification during shutdowns, reduce emissions fees, and help facilities avoid enforcement actions”.



Leak Detection And Repair (LDAR) is a work practice designed to identify leaking equipment so that emissions can be reduced through repairs. A component that is subject to LDAR requirements must be monitored at specified, regular intervals to determine whether it is leaking or not. Any leaking component must then be repaired or replaced within a specified time frame.

Using GasViewer Optical Gas Imaging cameras, GV-P-3234, for these LDAR programs converts it to SMART LDAR (As Per EPA), allowing you to scan each centimeter of your process line, making the number of inspection points unlimited. It allows quick scan of hundreds of components in entire areas of your plant even from remote or difficult to reach locations: overhead pipes and valves, pressure safety valves, vents, flares, pipes, equipment under insulation, pinhole in welding….

To help you detect the biggest leaking sources and enable fast repair, our team of trained technicians can provide SMART LDAR service using our OGI Cameras (GV-P-3234) at your location worldwide, on shore or off shore. We can detect emissions from the following gases: VOC, NH3, SF6, CO, CO2, refrigerant gases.


Quantification with tablet

Once  leaks are detected with our camera, we can use our GasViewer software,  running on an Atex tablet, connected to our camera through wi-fi, to give you an estimate of the leak flow rate.

EPA method 21, EN15446

Whereas LDAR is a providing a “leak” or “no leak” report, the method 21 (aka EN 15446 in Europe) regulation edited by the US Environment Protection Agency requires a quantification of each leak to evaluate the quantity of yearly emission release to the atmosphere by a plant.
In this case we provide “full inspection service” from inspection preparation based on your PID, on site leak detection, on site leak tagging, leak quantification, report with pictures and videos of each detected leaks, leak positioning on your PID and each leak yearly flowrate based on the EPA formula.


Quantification with High Flow Sampler

The High Flow Sampler is like an automatic bagging equipment. It allows leaks quantification directly in flow rate. Even the US EPA mentioned that the High Flow Sampler is more accurate for leaks quantification than the EPA calculation methods.

We have this equipment available for service or renting.


Long term gas detection

Should you decide to monitor a specific potential leaking source (vent, PSV,…) during a certain amount of time, we can provide you with a full gas detection and quantification solution on a rental basis.
This solution includes a fixed GasViewer camera mounted on a moveable mast, as well as our quantification software and the laptop to register all the detected leaks during the period the camera has been installed.
We come to install it at your site and dismantle it at the end of the renting period. We provide you a full report showing all the leaks detected and giving you an estimate of their flow rate.


Cameras renting

Should you decide to look for your potential leaks by yourself, we would be glad to rent you one of our GasViewer portable cameras for any time duration.



We would be glad to train you to use any of our equipment before you rent it or after you buy it.